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Due to the technical and wide-reaching nature of the software industry, the process of recruiting and managing a developer can have its difficulties.

That's why we offer a full and transparent service for software development, taking into account a business' needs. We will discuss technical aspects of the job in the terms the client is comfortable with, providing as much detail and explanation as they require.

We can offer a range of software and web development services with the aim of improving a business' processes and increasing their productivity. As well as these services, we offer innovative new solutions such as Knowledge Management Services and Mobile Application Development.

How can Knowledge Management Services help you?

If your organisation requires the processing of important business rules or regular decision making based on logical criteria, our Knowledge Management Services provide an effective solution based on thorough research. Working together with businesses we can develop and host modules of logic that can be used to carry out logical queries, introducing intelligence to the software you use and making it accessible via the web. We can offer interfaces through which the business rules you wish to apply can easily be dynamically modified. This removes the need for expensive redevelopment and inconvenient redeployment of your business logic software. If you would like more information or to discuss the possibilities please contact us.

Knowledge Management Services

Bespoke Android application development

In addition to developing our own Android apps, we also offer a service of bespoke development. Mobile applications are a great way to reach a large and mobile customer base, and help in promoting your business. They also provide the opportunity to extend the functionality of your existing software systems to make them truly mobile. Android is a popular and flexible platform, and we strongly support it as a development environment.

We are happy to discuss your requirements for an Android application, and will strive to realise your app ideas for your business and customers.

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