Intelligent Architectures

Technology and areas of expertise

Appropriate use of technology is essential in software and web development. We offer a full range of solutions using carefully selected development techniques:

  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE / J2EE) based solutions
  • SOAP/WSDL Web-Services for interoperability between applications
  • Deployment onto a variety of application servers
  • A range of data persistence methods
  • AJAX web user interfaces
  • Knowledge and decision engineering solutions
  • Mobile Android application development
  • ... these are just some of the technologies we are able to leverage

Also of utmost importance is the manner in which technologies are implemented. Our innovative approach to the architectural design of software ensures solutions that are; functional, expandable, scalable and reliable.

Additionally we maintain contact with a range of technical experts and web professionals who we either sub contract to or can put people in touch with depending on the work required.

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